About the Book


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A book for those who are teenagers, are about to be teenagers, were teenagers, are parents of teenagers, grew up doing magic and enjoying magic and mystery.

Teller of Penn & Teller just wrote: “I loved it. What a great book for a kid to have, read, and be inspired by. What a fantastic idea to put the magic tricks in the back of the book, after the effect has been ‘experienced’ and curiosity is heightened.”

The story is both fictional and nonfictional.  Although Johnny Copper is a fictional character, he is a composite of many young people today.  The challenges he faces are real, as are his magic and innovative sleuthing.  This exciting story is not a fantasy but based on the reality of today’s youthful culture.

In Part One readers will experience the challenges faced by teenagers – from being bullied, gangs, theft, cybercrime, and to just fitting into today’s youthful culture.  Johnny finds way to win friends as well as startle adversaries by performing magic and applying some detective techniques he learns from his father and grandfather.  Part Two provides instructions on how Johnny performs his magic, from close-up sleight of hand to stage illusions.

As the reader accompanies Johnny on his adventures, he or she can go to the above “Videos” page and access YouTube videos of Copper’s magic being performed.  References are made to real locations, publications, and websites for additional information and assistance.  Readers will also have the opportunity to suggest adventures and magic they would like Johnny Copper to perform in a sequel story by leaving a message at the above “Comments and Suggestions” page.

The author draws from his years of experience as a LAPD detective, criminal-justice professor and author.  Additionally, he has performed as a magician.  Details about his background can be found at the above “About the Author “page.